Announcing Amazon Light 4

Yes, I've revved my Amazon Webservices engine again for one more version of Amazon Light. Amazon Light 4.0 is based on Amazon's Webservices 4.0 release (coincidentally). This means it's a bit deeper and richer than previous versions - more reviews, searchable wishlists (look people up by name or email).

I've also made an effort to tie together a number of existing popular and/or useful web tools into the site itself - Yahoo News for relevant news stories, Google Search for relevant sites, One-click offshoots to GMail, Netflix, iTunes, Blogger, Dropcash, Del.icio.us, Local Libraries and a couple more things. I really like the idea of "Web as Platform", and consider this an exercise in integrating the best Webby bits I could get access to.

There are one or two further tools to come as well. But for the moment, you might want to see some of the new bits, like Wishlist Search - by email or name. Samples: Jeff Bezos (there are four!), or jeff@amazon.com (only one). Also, based on a given wishlist, see additional gift ideas in a Giftlist (here's one for Bezos).

There's also a "settings" page, where you can choose any associates ID you wish (go ahead and use mine if you like, but there's an option to change it). You can also choose your Local Library for book lookups, and choose to have any one of the above mentioned tools switched off, if you'd rather not have them in your face. There are no ads, and won't be any added.

I'm weary of labeling projects as "beta", so I'll just call this one "New", as in "just finished", and "probably a bit wobbly", and leave it at that. Over time, it will become less new in both senses.

Also, as I've had it pointed out to me numerous times, the more I add to this, the less "Light" it becomes. I agree - to an extent. The spirit of "Light" in Amazon Light is preserved I hope, by leaving out the gimmickry (Gold Box), the upsell (You know what you want), the associated ads (Google Ads...in a store? - sheesh) and other general clutter strewn about the landscape at Amazon.com. Don't get me wrong, I love Amazon, but clutter is clutter regardless.

edit - I forgot to send out thanks to everyone who helped me test this along the way, especially my Mac-using friends (I really need to get a Mac, at least for testing), and a special shout out to Andre for his help in getting Dropcash to play nice.


I am continually amazed at what you are doing with Amazon Light. The numbers you shared with us are impressive as well. I look forward to your future efforts to integrate web services.

Have you considered doing a presentation at Web 2.0? You ought to!
by Gen Kanai at 11:09 PM 
Oh, so I checked and it looks like it is too late for Web 2.0 but I will send the news of Amazon Light 4.0 on to John Batelle, who I think would appreciate what you are doing.
by Gen Kanai at 11:13 PM