Amazon tries Tagging

According to this post on Amazon.com's forums, Amazon not only has a "Tags Team", but they have started a 50-50 trial with tagging items (Books and Electronics at least for now?) - so you may or may not see them, sorry.

Try this book (scroll about halfway down). You might see this:

"Customers tagged this item with
 First tag: deep water blue (Mark Twain fff "florin" on Nov 11, 2005)
 Last tag: Good Book

 good gift (1),great gift (1),Good Book (1),df (1),asd (1),little pieces (1),interesting (1),perfectlysaiddotcom (1),must have (1),gift (1),deep water blue (1)"

Clicking on any of those tags would take you to a page like this: http://amazon.com/gp/tagging/glance/money, where you can see what else is tagged that way. You can also see associated tags, by digging a bit, and clicking a tag to a URL like this: http://amazon.com/gp/tagging/sims/Money. If you're logged in and have tagged items, you apparently get a taglist (like a wishlist?) at this URL: http://amazon.com/gp/tagging/manage-tags, where you can set tags to be public or private.

This all seems very interesting, maybe ripe for some spamming (self-promotion maybe?), but an interesting move anyhow. It'll be even more useful if they allow a bit more outward sharing - like seeing what books your friends have tagged as "good gift" or "do not read ever".

(Edit - looks like you can see friends' tags - you just have to know their tagging ID - like the last 14 characters in this URL: http://amazon.com/gp/tagging/customer-tags/A1P0PDSC5NRIPS)

Update: For those not in the 50% that can see this - I put some screenshots here on Flickr.


The best tags are on Jack Thompson's book.

by Anonymous at 3:53 PM