One Hundred Million Pennies

One hundred million, sixteen thousand, six hundred and forty Pennies
[ Two cubes, one 12x12x12 feet, the other 7x7x7 feet ]
Since these cubes are mostly dense metal, their weight is impressive. One
hundred million pennies weighs over 300 tons. For comparison, the largest living
animal, the Blue Whale, weighs less than 150 tons as an adult.

When you hear talk of "billions" of something (dollars, miles, people, etc), it's
hard to visualize. But up next, we have a visual for you - one billion pennies.


value  $1,000,166.40
(One million, one hundred sixty-six
dollars and forty cents)
width  12 feet (7 feet)
height  12 feet (7 feet)
thickness  12 feet (7 feet)
total weight  312.5 tons
height stacked  99 Miles
area (laid flat)  390,690 square feet (9 acres)

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