One Quintillion Pennies

One quintillion, sixty-seven trillion, eighty-eight billion,
three hundred and eighty-four million Pennies
[ One cube measuring 27,300 x 27,300 x 27,300 feet ]

Now we've stepped up another factor of 1,000. One quintillion pennies. This many pennies,
if laid out flat like a carpet, would cover the surface of the earth - twice. If you look hard,
you can still see the Sears Tower and other buildings at lower right. Another way to see it is
to realize that Mt. Everest (29,000 ft.) is only 1,700 feet taller than this 27,300-foot cube.

This is as far as we will go. Three trillion tons of pennies is quite enough. To imagine
larger cubes, (stepping by factors of 1,000), just imagine cubes roughly ten times larger than
the last one. For instance, one quintillion pennies makes the cube above - about 5 miles on
each side. If you step up to one sextillion, imagine a cube about 50 miles wide tall and thick.

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value  $10,000,670,883,840,000.00
(Ten quadrillion, six hundred seventy billion,
eight hundred eighty-three million, eight hundred
and forty thousand dollars and zero cents)
width  27,300 feet
height  27,300 feet
thickness  27,300 feet
total weight  3,125,000,000,000 tons
height stacked  986,426,767,677 Miles
area (laid flat)  89,675,160,698 acres

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