Fifty Thousand Pennies

Forty-nine thousand one hundred and fifty-two Pennies
[16w x 16h x 192 tall] - one cubic foot.
Three hundred pounds of pennies. Remember the stack of 16 pennies?
It was one inch tall. Well, take 12 of those and stack them and you'll have
a one-foot-tall stack. The cube above is made up of 256 of those one-foot
stacks, making one cubic foot of pennies.

Remember this cube, since it will be the building block for all upcoming
penny-structures you see in these pages. Now let's double it.


value  $491.52
(Four hundred ninety-one dollars and fifty-two cents)
width  12 inches, (one foot)
height  12 inches, (one foot)
thickness  12 inches, (one foot)
weight  4,915.2 ounces, (307.2 pounds)
height stacked  3,072 inches, (256 feet)
area (laid flat)  192 square feet

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