Ten Billion Pennies

Ten billion, twenty-three thousand, five hundred and fifty-two Pennies
[ Fifty school buses (as defined previously). ]
Current estimates place the world's population at six billion people. The pile of pennies
above would then be nearly enough for two pennies for every person on Earth. The U.S.Mint
currently manufactures about this many pennies every year.

In the image above, Graham and his ten billion coins are now standing on a standard U.S.
football field (360 x 160 feet) for further scale. Next up, the hundred-billion cube.


value  $100,000,235.52
(One hundred million, two hundred thirty-five
dollars and fifty-two cents)
width  90 feet
height  11 feet
thickness  205 feet
total weight  31,250 tons
height stacked  9,864 Miles
area (laid flat)  897 acres

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