One Million Cows!

One million, two thousand, two hundred and forty Holstein Cows

Here is Harriet and her million closest cow friends. Over 750,000 tons of grass-munching, milk-giving
animals on 4,008,960 hooves. They are lined up 96 cows tall, 145 cows wide and 72 cows deep.

For some perspective, we have them stacked
next to our two famous skyscrapers: The Empire
State Building (1,250 feet) and the Sears Tower
(1,450 feet) (at right).

Thanks for visiting MegaMoo, you may now rest
easy. knowing what a million cows would look like.

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value  Priceless
width  435 feet
height  432 feet
length  432 feet
total weight  751,680 tons
height stacked  852 miles

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